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MSTies who have seen the episode may recognize/get these misheard lyrics…

GF asks about that “AIDS in Space” song I was singing in the shower. Almost lost it when she sung it back to me. [Taken from] /r/funny”

I didn’t get the misheard lyrics at first either until I started reading the comments. Someone posted a link to the music video on YouTube

Now… Do you know what MST3K episode this song appeared on?

Answer will be in a few days…

I hate when iTunes mixes up the album artwork from one album to another. Because I don’t think Bing Crosby would sing a song like this for Christmas timeā€¦

It’s not so much that we have to now throw this magazine away because I found it like this in the men’s restroom…… But what man would bring and read a Cottages magazine in the men’s restroom, period?!