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I was out getting carts the other night. I knew this one vehicle was my managers, so I came in asked her worried, “You own that vehicle next to the shopping cart corral, right?”

"Yeah, why?"

"I was out getting carts and I, uh" —
(twist back to look at the parking lot doing a hitch hikers thumb pose pointing at the parking lot in her cars area) “…Sorry about your car.”

(I was teasing her though)

I’m going to create a hotel that makes you feel like you are home…

The bed is not made.
Dishes haven’t been done.
A light left on.
Bathroom is a mess from that morning.
And for an extra fee, toys strewn about.

I almost forgot… But, I know I won’t be “family” soon, I still admired the twins “Grumpa” Rex. He was a very hard worker and loved his daughters and twin granddaughters. Still miss hearing your stories Rex. #5